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Thoughts About Electrolysis Hair Removal - The Only Truly Permanent Method

Hairline Shaping With Electrolysis

Is Your Hairline Giving the Wrong Impression? In the early 1900s, a doctor named Gerolamo Cardano penned several books in which he made an association between forehead lines and the planets. According to Cardano, the horizontal and vertical shapes on the forehead corresponded to different planets and provided valuable in[..]

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Body Positivity: Ending the Shame Cycle

While the term body positivity might be new, the sentiment isn't. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. When faced with something you feel like you can't change, you have a choice to make - accept the trait or spiral into depression. At least, that’s the frame of the body positivity argument. Given those option[..]

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Unwanted Toe Hair: A Problem with Solutions

Whether due to an activated toe hair gene or a heady concentration of hair growth hormones, or a confluence of both, some people have hairy feet. Whether that’s a smattering of toe hair on a few digits or cascades of curlicued hair needing a brush, Western society is increasingly drawn to smooth, hair-free skin. People[..]

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Tattoos And Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal and tattoos are both ways of expressing yourself. Both are about you taking control of your body and appearance. Unfortunately, these two means of expression do not always get along. When looking into hair removal options, it is important to know how your body art may affect your process. Hair Removal Near T[..]

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Children With Unwanted Facial Hair - What to do?

As electrolysis becomes more popular it is no surprise that its popularity is also growing among minors with unwanted facial hair. We all know how important image and appearance are to a young person. Teens are one thing, but what is a parent to do for a younger child embarrassed by their unibrow or harassed over their d[..]

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Angela Lamparelli - Electrologist

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Angela Lamparelli specializes in the art of  helping you maintain the healthy and beautiful skin you deserve. When you look your best, you get the...
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1. Licensed Electrologist
Graduate of the Electrology Institute of New England, Tewksbury, MA
2. Skin Therapist
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